Mobile apps localization and translation (iOS, Android)

There are lot of mobile apps that have only one language for its interfaces and how-toes. And usually this language is English.

Unfortunately the major part or russian users don’t feel comfortable using such apps. They have to wait untill the app is released in russian. Or just use low end analogues that have at least a russian interface.

Oskar Int proudly tries to fill the gap.

We provide you with an official localization of mobile apps working on Android and iOS, the most popular mobile platforms for now. Our company works with foreign mobile apps producers. And we would be glad to work with you too!

So if you have any mobile app and you want to distribute it to a really large audience of Russia, please contact us.

We also translate Russian-language apps to English.


Pricing of mobile apps localization depends on how difficult the translation would be. Min. cost: $2000.

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Mobile apps localization iOS Android

We do localization and translation of mobile apps of any category:

Mobile apps localization iOS Android
  • games
  • business
  • social
  • music, photo, video
  • weather
  • news
  • finance
  • personalization
  • entertainment
  • sport
  • productivity, to do lists, reports


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  • Mobile apps localization (Android, iOS)
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